a NEW new home

Life is so busy. What a lame excuse for not updating my journal but it’s the truth. Not just work life but home life also!

Spouse and I found what looks to be our dream home. So… over Memorial Day weekend we prepped our home for sale. Yep – my house is on the market. Today it is on the website posted and this morning there was a Brokers Open, and there is a showing tonight! *meep*

This is something we decided to pursue last week. Fun times, eh? In preparing for the house I took apart my home computer *cries* so I really am going to be away for a while (this post brought to you by work 1 hr past business hrs). New home is in Redmond=closer to work but still surrounded by woods.


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Friends, meet Oblivion. Oblivion, meet my Friends.

Oblivion has stolen me away from what little time I had to myself in the first place. I had never played an Elder Scrolls / Morrowind game before. I had heard they are addicting – and that is correct! The graphics are very amazing. I am playing the PC version.  While playing sometimes I just pan the camera around and drool at the pretties.