time for red medication

I go on & off about taking my antibiotics for Rosacea. I’m one of the lucky ones who doesn’t suffer from the affliction much. However, today a co-worker asked me if I went skiing over the weekend. I said nope, don’t ski and asked why. He said my face was all red.

What do you say to that? “It’s just how I am” was my answer. And in my brain “oh man- time to start taking medication and not just applying the facial ointment”. I get to my office and look in the mirror and sure enough – splotchy red all over face and neck.

On a similar note, I received a postcard from Nordstrom inviting me to Cover FX – a CosMedic Clinic for a complimentary make-up application & Healthy Skin Tips! session. It has a before/after Rosacea person on the front of the postcard, with the word Rosacea right on it. I didn’t even blink an eye on how they got my name. I am on a newsletter mailing list from rosacea.org and I guess they gave my name out. I can’t even remember if I filled out an ok clause to give my name away to appropriate advertisers but it doesn’t bother me. I don’t like wearing base makeup or blush (why would I want to put more red color on my face?). Mostly because it affects my skin condition. But I wonder if this is worth it.