I heard a blip on NPR or something about Stephen King’s new book Cell being released soon, and how SK is very anti-cell phone in RL. Thus hey! A horror book about cell phones!

The fun thing? He’s doing a new type of advertising scheme by cell phone adverts! Talk about turning something you hate into profit! I understand how most people don’t care for adverts via cell (I sure don’t) but when it’s volunteered that’s something else.

So I signed up on the website a couple weeks ago with my cell # and entered the sweepstakes to win a library of SK autographed books (I wish!) and forgot about it.

Then… today… ringringring

me: hello?
Stephen King: Hi, this is Stephen King. My book Cell is on sale as of today – go buy it.
me: OMG Stephen King called me! (of course it was a recording but still)

yes. I am geek. hear me roar. Time to visit the local bookshop.



They stopped showing FullMetal Alchemist weeknights on Adult Swim. I am going through withdrawal. And the last episode was a cliffhanger too.

Spouse and I watched 2046 last night. He teased me relentlessly that I like to read so much I have to watch my movies with sub-titles. It was a thoughtful but over-all sad movie. Beautiful cinematography. Tony Leung Chiu Wai was as intense as ever, and I can never stop staring at Ziyi Zhang. I probably won’t see Memoirs of a Geisha until DVD release, though.