thanks, love

Spouse took me to the jewelry shop to order a replacement set of earrings since I lost one last month. He wants me to keep the diamond I still have from the original set too. Since I have 3 holes in one ear and two in the other that would work. Or I may get it set in a ring for my right hand. He spoils me so.

I also got a regular pair of sunglasses since the Lasik negates my prescription sunglasses now. Yippie!



I’m not supposed to be on the computer but just wanted to post my happiness with my Lasik surgery from yesterday. I can see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh it’s amazing and wonderful and just… gah. So so happy. No more having to search for my glasses to live life. And sunglasses! I love sunglasses. Now I can go buy many different types instead of being limited my prescription sunglasses. yay!

The operation was one of the oddest sensations I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Who would have thought that medicated eye-drops leave an after-taste in your throat? The doctor says it happens to about ½ of the people. Odd.

Neil Gaiman, / Magazine and Lasik

I saw Neil Gaiman last week. I now own three autographed works of his. I would own more had I not lost my debit card that day. He signed for me: The Sandman: Endless nights Neverwhere MirrorMask, The Illustrated Film Script of the Motion Picture from The Jim Henson Company The two issues (ordered #1 and #4) of / magazine arrived in the mail this week. O&B are so beautiful. The rest of the magazine is amazing. I decided to get Lasik performed on my eyes. I went to my consultation today and I qualify for the surgery. It’s booked for next Wednesday. No more glasses, here I come!