mom update

Mom is out of the hospital. The diagnosis was congestive heart failure and lack of oxygen that landed her in the hospital. Had Dad not noticed something was wrong and just tucked her into bed she would’ve died in her sleep via suffocation that night.

We had a very good visit with her diabetic doctor yesterday; he went over all the hospital records with us and explained them (they didn’t do that very well at the hospital – in & out type place that they are).

I’ll be off line shortly for the rest of the day (mom’s birthday is tomorrow so we’re celebrating it today – she’ll be 79!!!), and then tomorrow will be off line all day as I’ll be driving back to WA from UT. My sister is riding up with me and flying out of Seattle Monday. That’s nice of her to do that. I had total motivation to drive to UT as fast as I could Saturday but man – that’s one boring-ass drive. It’s usually a 14-16 hour drive but I made it in 12.


mom had a stroke

I am en route to UT. Lots of people at the rest stop. I dont think she is ok. Should be there in about ten hrs. Hope I get to be there for her.

update: Made it to SLC in 12 hrs. flat and straight to UofU hospital where they xferd her to for Neurilogical Critical Care. my brother was there he went in the ambulance w. her. She is more cohierant now and knew who i am (she had forgotten she had daughters earlier). was there for a couple hrs and met the dr. They are going to do MRI tomorrow to determine what the lump in her brain is. I took my brother home and am with dad now he is glad i am here. 3am time for rest.