no pressure

My husband resigned from work today.

I am happy for him. He’s been miserable for the last few months… actually it’s been almost two years so it’s more than ‘a few months’. During that time, I have encouraged him to look for other jobs within the company or just quit. He did look for other jobs and didn’t find a match. So he stayed in his current position… and stayed miserable. So today he did it. We work in the same building… I have to go and clean out his office… what little there is left.

Mmm… looks like it’s really really official now. As I typed up the first paragraph his manager sent out a ‘moving on’ e-mail and blind carbon copied me on it. So now the word is out.

As in the words of my husband today… “Hold your head high.” I hope people don’t ask me questions.

We don’t have kids (thank Merlin) as we are CBC (childless by choice). Now I am the breadwinner of the family. As I said… no pressure!


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