no pressure

My husband resigned from work today.

I am happy for him. He’s been miserable for the last few months… actually it’s been almost two years so it’s more than ‘a few months’. During that time, I have encouraged him to look for other jobs within the company or just quit. He did look for other jobs and didn’t find a match. So he stayed in his current position… and stayed miserable. So today he did it. We work in the same building… I have to go and clean out his office… what little there is left.

Mmm… looks like it’s really really official now. As I typed up the first paragraph his manager sent out a ‘moving on’ e-mail and blind carbon copied me on it. So now the word is out.

As in the words of my husband today… “Hold your head high.” I hope people don’t ask me questions.

We don’t have kids (thank Merlin) as we are CBC (childless by choice). Now I am the breadwinner of the family. As I said… no pressure!


computer room

My husband moved his computer back up into our computer room. *and there was much rejoicing*

Before he had his computer set up downstairs and the TV was his ‘monitor’. Our computer room is upstairs. As we are both geeks that like PC hobbies after hours we didn’t see each other much. But now here we are in the computer room together doing our individual thing but keeping each other company at the same time.

I like it