Alton Brown

I went to an Alton Brown book signing and met him. Wh00t!  He’s just as funny and cool in person.

alton brown & me. geeks unite!

alton brown & me. geeks unite!


workers block

My brain does not want to function at work at all. I have an inbox of work that is atrocious and I can do is stare at my screen with my mind blank. It feels like I have a brick wall in my head that I just look at. I haven’t even attempted to breach it. When I think of trying something in me shudders. It is not painful work. I can’t bring myself to look at some of it.

Is this what ‘writers-block’ feels like. I have ‘work-block’. If I don’t start to do something I am going to scream! I am working. Just not at the 110% I could be doing.

dream s

Last night my dream put me back in boot camp. The terrible thing is that this is a semi-reoccuring dream where I am back in boot camp again by choice! *shudders* So in these dreams I have basically re-joined the Marines.

In last nights dream my sub-conscious knew that I’ve been ‘back’ to boot camp so in fact this dream had me going through boot camp for a third time – by choice! It was really terrible. I didn’t want to be there because I got out of the military on purpose in RL, damn-it!

Then some bullies from high school showed up on the base after I graduated.. and we all ended up in a torture chamber. Complete with liquid hot molten metal, pieces of unidentified meat/flesh hanging from chains on the ceiling, and a huge slicer that was supposed to cut up vegetables but works quite well on fingers.


another new year

I had a very pleasant New Years. I went to a restaurant downtown with a friend couple whom I’ve known for a few years… and they had friends of theirs out also, who I have met on a few occasions. My husband was very sick so he stayed home and did not go out with us.

It was quite a pleasant time. We had a nice fancy dinner and drinks. Then at midnight we watched the Seattle Space Needle shoot off its fireworks. There was a girl there (whom I have now interacted with about five times via our mutual friends) who did not have a date – and as my hubby was not with me we declared ourselves date-mates.

It was fun times, but I missed my man.