Something has changed over the last week regarding my husbands attitude towards me and smoking.  Saturday night we were at a party where a couple of my friends smoke. I’d go out & smoke with them every once in a while and he wouldn’t say anything about it. I ran out of cigarettes.

Sunday I waited until 2pm to goto the store to get a new pack. When I came back home I did some chores and then went out to have a smoke. He said “Where are you going?” I told him I was going out to have a smoke.

Instead of complaining like he usually does with “But you’ll get all stinky! Please don’t!” He said “Will you at least kiss me before you go get all stinky?”

So I kissed him, had a cigarette, washed up, and we watched TV together.

No guilt trip feels great. I still only smoke 1-2 on the weekends and generally not at home. I won’t start smoking more at home but this change in his attitude really helps my feelings. Maybe he understands there are some things you can’t change immediately.


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