I was going down the stairs and saw a little bit of a leaf that had made it’s way into the front door and up the stairs a little bit. So I leaned over and picked it up. I had an empty bowl in my hands and an empty beer bottle (I’m not drunk – just drinking). Regardless… when I stood up from picking up the leaf my heel slipped and I proceed to fall down seven stairs.

Hurt is my right arm from hitting the banister, scraped are my left knuckles from hitting the wall on the way down… and bruised is my ego as my husband calls out from playing his game “are you all-right, baby?” He stopped his game to check on me (in the middle of a live fight, no less).

I’m such a klutz.


xmas vacation

Sister came to town early and we watched all three extended DVDs of LOTR. She fell asleep during the last one, though.
Then on Thursday her husband came town, along with another couple that, although friends of *my* family… my husband had never met. We had a full house for xmas, I tell ya! 6 adults, 4 cats and 2 parrots. Fun times, indeed!

It was awesome. Three couples, all CBC and just good times.

left side of pain

I bruise extraordinarily easy. This week the bruise factor is exceptionally high. (I never can figure out where they come from). I have four nice green/yellow/black marks on my left forearm and three nice ones on my left thigh.

However, all on the left side? I find that interesting. If anyone has seen the movie LadyHawke I keep hearing the old priest saying “Just remember… walk on the Left Side.”

mmmm food

I lost my appetite about a month ago. Then last week I had temporary caps on a couple molars waiting crowns put on. Yuck. It’s amazing what you are scared to eat for fear of your caps falling off.

On the bright side the loss of appetite and caps have helped me loose about 15lbs. Now if I could just become motivated to get in shape…


Something has changed over the last week regarding my husbands attitude towards me and smoking.  Saturday night we were at a party where a couple of my friends smoke. I’d go out & smoke with them every once in a while and he wouldn’t say anything about it. I ran out of cigarettes.

Sunday I waited until 2pm to goto the store to get a new pack. When I came back home I did some chores and then went out to have a smoke. He said “Where are you going?” I told him I was going out to have a smoke.

Instead of complaining like he usually does with “But you’ll get all stinky! Please don’t!” He said “Will you at least kiss me before you go get all stinky?”

So I kissed him, had a cigarette, washed up, and we watched TV together.

No guilt trip feels great. I still only smoke 1-2 on the weekends and generally not at home. I won’t start smoking more at home but this change in his attitude really helps my feelings. Maybe he understands there are some things you can’t change immediately.

a long lost friend

Earlier this year an old friend of mine and I had suffered a huge falling out over… I want to say a misunderstanding. That word doesn’t quite feel right but it’s the closest thing I can think of.

I thought of it as my own Rift. The Rift between two friends meant to be friends forever. It hurt. I cried. And then I cried some more. And then every once in a while I would think about her and close up inside my heart and just hurt. It became a dull pain inside, and then the pain turned into an ache. I eventually thought with sadness that perhaps it was for the best, but I still missed her and cared deeply about her.

Last night she messaged me on IM. I was shocked, to say the least. I thought she would never speak to me again. So I stepped away from the computer, went outside, had a smoke, grabbed a beer, and then came back to the computer. She was still online so I messaged her back.

Long story short: We made up last night. I feel so good. We have been through a lot in our twenty plus year relationship. I am glad we are speaking again