drugs for rosacea

I went to a GP doctor today and came out with a lot of drugs. I had scheduled an appointment to get on some type of anti-depressant medication and so happened to be sick at the same time. I think I got something while visiting Utah.

He gave me:

Metrogel for my rosacea.
Efexor for depression.
Nexium for heartburn.
Zyrtec for allergies.

I don’t generally suffer from heartburn or allergies much. But it seems I do enough to need to do something about it.

I haven’t ever talked about my rosacea. It’s a face thing. Basically my face gets really red for no reason and sometimes I get really bad blotches of what they call ‘adult acne’. But it is not really acne. I am a textbook case: Fair skin, light eyes and it doesn’t show up until your late 20’s or early 30’s sometimes. And I flush (blush) very easy. So all my life of being shy and blushing has finally caught up with me and I suffer from rosacea because of it. I am not supposed to be in the sun (which is fine) and am not supposed to drink red wine because of it (which sucks). Anyway the site is very informative: rosacea. I figured I had it when I saw the commercials on TV and though “hey – that’s me!” and yep – it is


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