slytherin pride

Currently in California for work and I miss my husband.

Luke Skywalker was my original hero since I saw Star Wars in the first grade. I’ve loved Legolas since I read LOTR in seventh grade. Then in eleventh grade The Princess Bride came out and I fell for Wesley. The year after I graduated HS I read the Interview with the Vampire books and fell for Lestat. In the Dragonlance world Raistlin was it for me. I also loved Elric of Melnibone… and now Draco Malfoy has my attention.

All my fantasy people are blondes or silver/white platinum blonde. Never… not one boy or girl I went out with in RL was blonde. They were all brunettes. *ponders*

What I was getting at: It is no wonder I fell for my husband. To me, he is every one of my fantasy men combined. Of course he’s a great guy to top it off, too. So I thought I’d share.

We were engaged within a week of meeting each other and married six months after that. Here we are… going on five years with four cats and two birds.


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