It’s now dark and the trick-or-treaters should be showing up any minute. I didn’t go to any parties this weekend although Halloween is my favorite holiday. I never experienced trick-or-treating myself. For some reason, my parents never let me go. I was able to dress up, but not go out. I am the youngest of five. Three bothers and one sister. They all got to go at some point in their life. Perhaps it was because my parents were too old by the time it was my turn and didn’t want to be bothered with it.

So I spent my Halloweens dressing up and handing the candy out to my friends who were trick-or-treating. I thought it was very unfair. C’est la vie.

One time I was even on the Trick end of it. I have no clue why because I never missed giving out treats to anyone. I grew up with outdoor cats. One Halloween, I noticed one of my cats meowing exceptionally loud in a painful way. Some fucker had poured turpentine on my cat. I think I was in seventh grade. Anyway, I took the cat inside and immediately bathed him but it was too late. He had ingested some and died soon after. After that – we always locked our cats in the garage on Halloween nights. I think to this day my family still does that.



Friday on the way home from work I stopped off at the Pet Store to buy some cat food. The girl at the counter commented on liking my Ankh earrings.

She got all excited about how much she loves Ankh’s and how she has one tattooed on her back, etc. She showed me. It was very nice. An Ankh in the center with hieroglyphics around it.

So, of course I had to show her mine. I have an Ankh in the center lower part of my back with tribal work on the sides. It’s pretty cool she was amazed. Maybe I met a type of kindred spirit that day.

I like Ankhs for a lot of reasons. The primary one being when I saw the 70’s show called Logan’s Run. In that futuristic movie, an Ankh meant Sanctuary. That was always neat, in my book.

i really hate shopping

Shopping trip was a success! I didn’t freak out either (I really don’t like shopping). Now I must get rid of the clothes I haven’t worn forever.

When I returned from my new clothes shopping, my husband snuck a present under a red sweater I bought. It was new earrings. Red rubies. Very dainty and pretty. After I put them on he said it was Red!K for me.

Isn’t he sweet? he baffles me. Not that I’m complaining…