crosswalks and stop signs

This morning I parked in the parking garage across from the building I work in. There is a cross walk in front of the garage with a stop sign for incoming traffic.

I got to the cross walk and paused because I don’t trust incoming traffic. Good thing I did because a guy in a SUV ran the stop sign. Not even a ‘California stop’ just flat out ran it. I’m glad I am not one those pedestrians who just cross without looking, ‘trusting’ drivers to stop (you’d be surprised how many people are like that here).

Now, I can picture running this stop sign at night, but at 9am in the morning? Well, really never because there are always people working in the building and no matter what time of day you just never know if someone will be crossing the way.

I was going to let it slide but decided not to. I watched they guy get out of his SUV, and as we crossed the way together I pointed at the sign and said “I don’t think you realize that there is a stop sign there.”

His answer? “Yeah I know about the sign and saw you but calculated the risk and ran it.”

What. The. Fuck!?!?!

So I lectured him as we walked toward the building until he was good and embarrassed. I’m still upset about it. I hope he learned his lesson.