no more smoking at home?

Husband has stopped using me for an excuse that he smokes and has been quit for a week. He gives me little hints by leaving the nicorette gum on the counter but that’s about it. I think I’m doing good. For the last three years I don’t smoke after work and at home only on the weekends. I suppose I’m about to give that up too. But I really do still enjoy smoking on breaks at work and when I go out.


'lil Joe

Visiting friends in the Chicago area. “little Joe”, who is not so little anymore, graduated Navy Boot Camp today. The husband and I flew out from Seattle to see his graduation. He’s a good kid I hope he does well in his new life. I’ve known L.Joe for 4.5 years now – husband has known him since he was about 8 (he’s 18 now). He’s a good kid. He stayed with us for a few summers.

smoking rant

I smoke and can quit at any time (trust me on this). The problem is – I don’t want to quit! It seems that everyone I know who smokes is quitting and is now getting on my case to join the band wagon. This is my addiction of choice please let me have it. I don’t smoke around non-smokers. I respect other people’s air. But please leave me be –  former smoker-friends! Let me keep something I want. That is all.

crosswalks and stop signs

This morning I parked in the parking garage across from the building I work in. There is a cross walk in front of the garage with a stop sign for incoming traffic.

I got to the cross walk and paused because I don’t trust incoming traffic. Good thing I did because a guy in a SUV ran the stop sign. Not even a ‘California stop’ just flat out ran it. I’m glad I am not one those pedestrians who just cross without looking, ‘trusting’ drivers to stop (you’d be surprised how many people are like that here).

Now, I can picture running this stop sign at night, but at 9am in the morning? Well, really never because there are always people working in the building and no matter what time of day you just never know if someone will be crossing the way.

I was going to let it slide but decided not to. I watched they guy get out of his SUV, and as we crossed the way together I pointed at the sign and said “I don’t think you realize that there is a stop sign there.”

His answer? “Yeah I know about the sign and saw you but calculated the risk and ran it.”

What. The. Fuck!?!?!

So I lectured him as we walked toward the building until he was good and embarrassed. I’m still upset about it. I hope he learned his lesson.

tattoo thoughts

I have three Tattoos. They are generally not visible at work. One on the lower back, one on the left shoulder and one on the left hip.

I bring it up every few months about what to get next. I talk about it with my husband just because (I acquired the three before I met him). He has a lovely tat on his left arm. So we’re sitting at breakfast in a restaurant (facing each other) and discussing new tats, for me or for him.

After a while he says (totally out of the blue) “How about I get Clark here (points to right pec) and Lex here (points to left pec) so you can have your three favorite men all at once?”

I about lost it right there in the restaurant.  I love my man!