up (or down) a tree

Today I came home late from work. I walk in the door and see the TV on the ‘searching for channel’ feature. I thought “hm… husband *did* say he was going to try to adjust the satellite today”. I look outside and no husband. So I go outside and see this tall ladder by the satellite dish. Which doesn’t reach. No husband. So in my dress and sandals I go up the hill into the raspberry bushes and start frantically looking for my husband thinking he fell off the ladder and was in the bushes.

After about 5 minutes of getting cut up (the bushes are thigh high) I decided to go over the neighbors, and yep – he’s there. I tried not to – but couldn’t stop – myself from crying. “I thought you fell off the ladder!” I sobbed for all of 10 seconds before regaining my composure because the neighbor was very amused. They were drinking and BSing. I’m very happy he’s safe.

It was very disconcerting, to say the least.