I used to hang out in the world of SCA – The Society for Creative Anachronism. It is a fun world. A great escape from mundane life. However, I never really got into it. I never created a persona. I didn’t look for hobbies that I could pick up. I suppose this is why I don’t hang around the group any more. Oh yeah – it is a pretty sexual world. That part was definitely fun to watch.

Two things that came out of the SCA for me: I learned how to belly dance, and also learned a bit of fencing. I can still belly dance but not fence. I even had my own schlager blade made for me. I bought the blade, and my friend made the hilt to fit my hand. I still have it. I want to polish it up and hang it on a wall somewhere.

I was just thinking of the SCA because I need a hobby. One where I can interact with my spouse. Computers and computer games are fun hobbies – but we need to get out and do stuff together. We’ve been married for a few years and I am achingly aware we need an activity to do together.