we could be heroes

I’m playing a mmorpg (massive-multiplayer-online-role-playing-game) called City of Heroes. It is quite fun. I like playing computer games but do not consider myself a ‘hard core’ gamer. I probably play a few times a month.

In this game, you eventually get an option to select a power from special ‘Pool Power Sets’ at level 12. I chose the Flight set. My first power out of flight is ‘hover’ – really flying. I can slooooowly make my way up to the top of a building if I wish. It is the most amazing thing. I know it’s a game but the graphics are so pretty and they city noise so real when flying / hovering. When I move slowly up, the city noise dies down and the fighting that is ongoing I can not hear anymore. And then when I make my way back to the street level I slowly hear all the appropriate noises.

I die a lot but it is due to my own carelesness. Game Resolution: I resove not to die! I want to level up so I can really fly! Off to play…after coffee and all that.



Update – sleep is calling me. I didn’t die today! Mission accomplished.