up (or down) a tree

Today I came home late from work. I walk in the door and see the TV on the ‘searching for channel’ feature. I thought “hm… husband *did* say he was going to try to adjust the satellite today”. I look outside and no husband. So I go outside and see this tall ladder by the satellite dish. Which doesn’t reach. No husband. So in my dress and sandals I go up the hill into the raspberry bushes and start frantically looking for my husband thinking he fell off the ladder and was in the bushes.

After about 5 minutes of getting cut up (the bushes are thigh high) I decided to go over the neighbors, and yep – he’s there. I tried not to – but couldn’t stop – myself from crying. “I thought you fell off the ladder!” I sobbed for all of 10 seconds before regaining my composure because the neighbor was very amused. They were drinking and BSing. I’m very happy he’s safe.

It was very disconcerting, to say the least.


I think Jackie is sick

He’s one of our parrots. While reading I can hear Jackie wheezing and sneezing all night. It’s not cold, and his avi heater is turned up really high, so I know he has warmth. His health is declining, and my husband doesn’t want to admit he’s getting old. He’s been in J’s world since he was 2. We guestimate Jackies age at 57. J got him from a retired couple in his youth so we really don’t know his age. I’ll have to let J know in the morning we should take Jackie to the vet.


I used to hang out in the world of SCA – The Society for Creative Anachronism. It is a fun world. A great escape from mundane life. However, I never really got into it. I never created a persona. I didn’t look for hobbies that I could pick up. I suppose this is why I don’t hang around the group any more. Oh yeah – it is a pretty sexual world. That part was definitely fun to watch.

Two things that came out of the SCA for me: I learned how to belly dance, and also learned a bit of fencing. I can still belly dance but not fence. I even had my own schlager blade made for me. I bought the blade, and my friend made the hilt to fit my hand. I still have it. I want to polish it up and hang it on a wall somewhere.

I was just thinking of the SCA because I need a hobby. One where I can interact with my spouse. Computers and computer games are fun hobbies – but we need to get out and do stuff together. We’ve been married for a few years and I am achingly aware we need an activity to do together.


City of Heroes meets Smallville

While I was playing City of Heroes the other day, I met someone who belonged to a guild called The Magnificent Bastards. I asked her if they had named themselves after Lionel Luthor. Unfortunately, she didn’t know what I was talking about.

Then while I was running around the city later on I met someone named Jar-El. I asked him if he was any relation to Jor-El. He laughed and said yes. Fun times.

we could be heroes

I’m playing a mmorpg (massive-multiplayer-online-role-playing-game) called City of Heroes. It is quite fun. I like playing computer games but do not consider myself a ‘hard core’ gamer. I probably play a few times a month.

In this game, you eventually get an option to select a power from special ‘Pool Power Sets’ at level 12. I chose the Flight set. My first power out of flight is ‘hover’ – really flying. I can slooooowly make my way up to the top of a building if I wish. It is the most amazing thing. I know it’s a game but the graphics are so pretty and they city noise so real when flying / hovering. When I move slowly up, the city noise dies down and the fighting that is ongoing I can not hear anymore. And then when I make my way back to the street level I slowly hear all the appropriate noises.

I die a lot but it is due to my own carelesness. Game Resolution: I resove not to die! I want to level up so I can really fly! Off to play…after coffee and all that.



Update – sleep is calling me. I didn’t die today! Mission accomplished.