I am not here as a witness!

Artemisia – 300: Rise of an Empire 



I made a pretty Fae character in EQII a month or so ago. I played her until I realised her wings were like Killian’s. So I deleted her today.  Then after I confirmed deletion I remembered she had quite a bit of $$ on her. Oops.

remembering my pets

While detailing an e-mail to my pet sitter for a future babysit date it occurred to me that I’ve known her so long / have used her services that… all my original pets she used to watch are no longer with us. I do have their Urns in a place of honor.

When she first started babysitting them, she took a little portrait of each. Here they are behind the cut. Rest in Peace, my lovelies.

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Tiger mountain

My KSOs are too big. WAY too big but I’ve loved them the entire year I’ve been running in them anyway.

The major disadvantage is when I”m running in wet/muddy conditions. Then the feet start to slip around on the inside a lot. Sunday run was fun regardless!

Aprox 1,600 feet up Tiger Mtn looking down

Elevation gain and loss – 2,000 feet

First barefoot trail run

It started with a nice VFF run around the neighborhood with a combo of sidewalk, road, and trail. I then moved up into my normal trail where I live. It so happens that there was a 12 hr race in progress! 

I ran into a friend who was running the 12 hr and decided she was on her last lap for the day (lap = 5 miles)… and lo-an-belold – she was barefoot!

She left her shoes and Vibrams in her car and committed to the last loop of 5 trail miles barefoot. So I joined her in solidarity by taking off my KSOs and finishing up the loop with her.

Lots of little rocks, great pine, soft dirt, mud with roots, big stepping stones. It was all great times. (OK those little rocks kind of bite big time).

Nice to visit with my friend and run BF together on the trial – LOTs of comments from the other runners. None negative. Maybe because my friend is a well-known ultra runner & chi-running instructor in the community!

Once we got to the end I ran home barefoot up the street.

No blood on my feet so I call it a success!

Best BF pace: 08:31. Total miles = 4.11 total time = 1hr ish 

oh yes I had already run 6 miles in the Vibrams before running BF with my friend.